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From a humble beginning started in 16 Sept 1966 named as Syarikat Tuan Hoe located at Jasin Malaysia, it was a small business selling home appliances. In 1980’s, we reallocated to Melaka and as the sole distributor of Philip in Melaka. Soon after, we also distributed the products to central and Southern region such as Seremban, Johor, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. In 1996, we became one of the Astro’s authorize retailer in Melaka. In 1998, we won the 1st prize of Astro’s High Street Dealers Merchandising Contest (National). At the same year also we became Toshiba’s top authorize dealer in Melaka. Now, we carry variety of brands such as Toshiba, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Electrolux, Sharp, Mitsubishi, Acson, Joven, Dyson, Elba, Tuscani, Philips, Carrier and others. Moving forward, we will open more outlets in Southern Region of Malaysia and continue to make better one.


Vision & Mission

We strive to be the top retailer of home appliances in Melaka with range of finest products and good service as well as optimal managing the organization.


Philosophy / Principle

We believe that principle is the key to a business long-term success. Hence, we keep our principles at the heart of every decision and action we take.


1. Reliance 诚信

Along the years of operation in an ethical way and sincerity to our customers, we have earned the neighborhood’s trust on our service and quality products.


2. Service 服务

We always serve all customers wholeheartedly by providing professional guidance on the products’ operation and relevant knowledge. We also provide after sale service if any unwanted condition occurred to the products.


3. Gratitude 感恩

We are very appreciating and gratitude to all our business partners and customers for the long term support.



Subsidiary Company

Tuan Hoe Home Appliances Sdn. Bhd.


Our Business Partners since:

1980's: Philips
1996: Toshiba
1997: Electrolux
1999: Panasonic
2000: Acson
2002: Sony
2005: Sharp
2010: Samsung, LG, Mitsubishi
2013: Dyson, Tuscani